Hi, I didn’t see you there. I’m Matt.

I’m a thirty something Software Developer that enjoys long walks along Virtual Reality beaches at sunset. Deep and meaningful conversations in public comment sections, holding hands with my PlayStation controller, and loves a good laugh… at those who only game on one platform.

I’m a genuine Software Developer after a good time developing code. I also enjoy a good Git Push and maybe if you’re lucky … a pull request if you get to know me well enough.

My friends say I’m a very easy going guy … when the internet is working.

Some of my Special Interests include:

  • Clicking, double clicking, and emailing on the hard drive computer thing
  • Deploying code at the last minute on a Friday
  • People sending me links on how they’ve googled a problem for me
  • Travelling. I’ve been all over the world … on Google Maps
  • Software crashing just before saving
  • Setting very long and obscure guest wifi passwords
  • Trademe fees
  • Windows Updates when I’m doing something very important
  • Sarcasm, puns, and dad jokes

If you think I’m the right Software developer match for you, then read my CV and get in touch