Warning: The following contains dry humour, sprinkles of sarcasm, and is generally poking fun at dating profiles

Hi, I didn’t see you there. I’m Matt.

I’m a thirty something Software Developer that enjoys long walks along Virtual Reality beaches at sunset. Deep and meaningful conversations in public comment sections, holding hands with my PlayStation controller, and loves a good laugh… at those who only game on one platform.

I’m a genuine Software Developer after a good time developing code. I also enjoy a good Git Push and maybe if you’re lucky … a pull request if you get to know me well enough.

My friends say I’m a very easy going guy … when the internet is working.

Some of my Special Interests include:

  • Clicking, double clicking, and emailing on the hard drive computer thing
  • Deploying code at the last minute on a Friday
  • People sending me links on how they’ve googled a problem for me
  • Travelling. I’ve been all over the world … on Google Maps
  • Software crashing just before saving
  • Setting very long and obscure guest WiFi passwords
  • Trademe fees
  • Windows Updates when I’m doing something very important

If you think I’m the right Software developer match for you, then you can read my serious business CV and get in touch